A new and unique
lifestyle protection

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Redefining the way we 

protect our lifestyles.

Whether it's walking the dog, washing & ironing, mowing the lawn, going to the gym, or playing your favourite sport, whatever you're too sick or injured to do, Lifestyle Plus will take care of it for you.


Lifestyle Plus will also take care of the unexpected out-of-pocket expenses connected to your injury or illness.

With 24/7 cover starting from just $1.69 per week.

Cricket Match

Delivering over 35 exceptional lifestyle benefits!

Maintenace Costs

(pool cleaning, gardening, house cleaning etc.)

Prepaid Expenses

(concerts, shows, sporting events etc.)

Recurring Expenses

(gym/sports club membership, lesson's etc.)

Educational Expenses

(pre-school/day care fees, home schooling etc.)

Damaged Items

(mobile phone, sunnies, jewellery etc.)

Miscellaneous Expenses

(motor vehicle excess, taxi/rideshare charges etc.)


Partner Peace of Mind

(access to all relevant benefits.)

Overseas Expenses

(travel insurance excess, extra leg room etc.)


Every lifestyle is unique, that's why Lifestyle Plus can be designed to yours, with over 35 tailorable benefits! 

24/7 cover starts from just $1.69 per week.

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Employees and members are an important asset of any business. Give back by offering Lifestyle Plus and show how much they are valued.

And as every lifestyle is unique, Lifestyle Plus can be designed to suit these lifestyles with over 35 tailorable benfits.

24/7 cover starts from just $1.22 per week.


Life is complicated enough, that's why we've taken the hassle out of making a claim.

  • Step one: Answer the Claim Validation Questions to determine whether you have a valid claim.

  • Step two: If your claim is valid, upload your supporting documentation.

  • Step three: Your claim payment will be transferred to your nominated account within 48 hours.

It's that easy!


David was out riding his bike when suddenly he was thrown over the handle bars... he hadn't seen the pothole in the road! 

David suffered a broken collar bone in the accident and also damaged his sunnies, phone, clothes and bike.

With Lifestyle Plus David was able to claim for these damaged items as well as other Lifestyle Plus benefits, so he could concentrate on his recovery.


Lifestyle Plus 24/7

Claim up to $25,000


Lifestyle Plus 24/7 Family

Claim up to $25,000 per person

The Jackson family were on their way home from a weekend camping. During their journey they were involved in a car accident, which Mr Jackson was at fault.

In the accident Mr Jackson suffered whiplash and one of the children broke their arm. The Jackson family were able to claim for their motor vehicle excess as well as pre-school fees, amongst other Lifestyle Plus benefits.


Lifestyle Plus 24/7 Couples

Claim up to $25,000 per person

Sarah came back from a trip overseas and on her return felt ill. Her doctor told Sarah that she'd picked up a tropical bug! 

Whilst Sarah recovered, she was able to claim for her Gym Membership. She also claimed against the Pet Care benefit so her dog Milly could be looked after. There were many other Lifestyle Plus benefits Sarah was able to claim against to help maintain her lifestyle during her recovery.

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